Leadership Experience at the Citadel with HOIL

On September 17 and 18, the Ferriter Group's Hands-On Inspired Leadership team completed 6 seminars with over 700 cadets at the Citadel in Charleston, SC. This series of seminars was the largest cumulative event for the HOIL team so far. The sum event was successful in execution and in inspiring more ways to elicit and apply themes of character and courage in the future. 

Immediately in these sessions, it was clear that the Citadel cohort--the Military College of South Carolina--was very well organized. In each seminar, Cadets were on time and ready to go.  Their keen interest and organization opened opportunities for the HOIL team to give guidance on the session; CSM Rice picked up on this need and gave groups "a range safety brief, admin instructions, and program overview." 

Our HOIL team ensured success with advance coordination, meaning the mats, facility, sound system, social media, and media capture were working smoothly. You can look forward to an upcoming behind-the-scenes look at some of the planning stages and communication for an event of this size.  
As always, our lead instructors including Alex Stuart, Maritza Balderas, and Mike Ferriter were highly effective on the mats with instruction and life stories, while all team members were in motion throughout the seminars to provide support and encouragement from Closing the Distance to Establishing Dominant Positioning to Finishing the Fight. We look forward to our next opportunities to Demonstrate Inspired Leadership.
See more of the Citadel HOIL weekend (deck) and in the slideshow below

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