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Expert insight on developing leaders with keys to success for high-performance teams - from keynote addresses, to advising corporate leaders, to interactive discussions at off-sites.

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Business Transformation

LTG (R) Ferriter has retrained portions of the workforce, retooled business processes, and challenged every assumption - and saved $2.7B as a result. Let us bring change to your team.

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Hands-On Inspired Leadership

Programs to build strength and resiliency, using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a metaphor for addressing the challenges in life - presented in a customized, safe, one-of-a kind approach.


Veterans & Families

We are committed to the campaign to infuse the talent, integrity, teamwork and character of America’s Veterans and their spouses into the American workforce, education, and public sector.

Support Veterans

TEDxTacoma 2016: Healthy Future

On April 22, 2016, Mike shared his beliefs with the audiences of TEDxTacoma 2016: Healthy Future. He reflected on the ways jiu-jitsu offers confidence, resiliency, and a pathway to healthier lifestyles for participants. Hosted at the Karen Hille Phillips Center for Performing Arts at Pacific Lutheran University University, the line up included educators, innovators, and motivators from many sectors - all seeking to build a thriving community in Tacoma and across the region.

Change America Through Inspired Leadership | TEDxTacoma


How Will You Close The Distance?

The HOIL Approach

Let us show you how the Hands-On Inspired Leadership approach applies for business and customer service, youth and the contemporary issues they face, and our Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and families of the fallen. We can help your organization tackle challenges and improve communication.

Changing America - Inspired Leadership

Closing the distance - Establishing a Dominant Position - Finishing the Fight

These lessons and more guide the Ferriter Group in creating the tailored event for your needs.