Developing Leaders at Champions through Jiu Jitsu

As head Jiu Jitsu professor at Champions Martial Arts Center in Puyallup, LTG Mike Ferriter has hands-on experience with leadership development. On 13 December, the Champions team conducted its 7th semi-annual Jiu Jitsu promotion ceremony. Each of the men and women awarded during the ceremony have dedicated six months to practice since the last ceremony. Their personal growth goes way beyond Jiu Jitsu. Rather than a fight club, or a mere Jiu Jitsu Academy, this program is a leadership factory.

line up of Jiu Jitsu instructors and practitioners
The Champions Jiu Jitsu team

Ferriter reflected on the experience: “I am proud to teach and develop these young men and women. Seeing them advance in skills, confidence, and awareness is inspiring.”

Jiu Jitsu translates as the gentle art.  It is a self defense martial art that allows a smaller person to fight, defend, or win against a larger and stronger opponent. Ferriter and his two Black belts John Cofer and Eric Shields teach Monday through Thursday at Champions Martial Arts Academy in Puyallup. Ferriter, Shields and Cofer personally observed the students to insure understanding of the Jiu Jitsu technique: the ability to actually use and win in a fight and attitude, teamwork,  dedication and commitment.

Ferriter reflected: “It is amazing to see how each student grows as a Jiu Jitsu practitioner and as a person with regard to self confidence and self esteem. I like to see when they respond with “you know what, this is tough, but I have been in tough situations and I got through it and I can get through this.” He added, “…this is the same self belief and confidence we see our students take into their lives daily.”

four men in jiu jitsu gis
Tristan G, second from left in black, after his promotion by Prof Ferriter

Here’s an example of tremendous growth through Jiu Jitsu practice. Tristan started 3 and 1/2 years ago as a white belt. His dedication, maturity, and Jiu Jitsu skill development were so impressive that Champions leadership selected him to lead our children programs. Congratulations, Tristan!

Leadership development through Jiu Jitsu is one of several core programs of focus for the Ferriter Group. Get in touch to learn more about opportunities to integrate Jiu Jitsu with Hands-On Inspired Leadership, as well as speaking engagements, business development, and supporting veterans.

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