Reflections on sacrifice, service, and support on 09/11

Reflecting on September 11, a message from LTG (Ret) Mike Ferriter:

Today marks 16 years since our great nation was attacked. I pass my prayers to all those lost on 9/11 and to all who loved them so dearly. From my office in the Pentagon, I had a first row view of the Pentagon Memorial; a marker to the 184 lives lost that day. It was a daily reminder to do my best and fight for those who can’t.

I am proud of all our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines and Coast Guardsmen who have served, deployed and taken the fight directly to the enemy. I am equally proud of our first responders who serve selflessly and fearlessly.
Today reminds us of three things.
1. Freedom is not free — America’s real heroes stand between all Americans and those who would do evil.
2. God Bless those who gave the ultimate sacrifice or were wounded
3. Let’s all take care of our Veterans and their amazing families

Mike Ferriter
LTG US Army Retired

Image Credit: Navy veteran Thad Zajdowicz, taken September 2014, licensed as public domain; available at

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